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  • Is Minecraft Premium Worth it ? New Ways to get Free Premium Account

    Playing Minecraft for free is really interesting at first but after you get used to the game you will notice that you are missing so much without Minecraft premium account. Of course not everyone has enough money to buy this upgrade and many of you are looking for an alternative. In this short article you will find the review of premium features and some points about how to get minecraft free premium account.

    What is Minecraft Premium and is it really worth it ?

    When i first started playing this game i thought i will never need to upgrade because i was happy playing the free version. But after about a month i wanted to take on NPC’s , monsters and other features that only premium accounts have. With it, you will also have the player health feature , crafting , smelting and many other stuff. Multi player is also good and playing with your friends adds a new perspective to the game. In my opinion 20 euro or about 20$ that US members pay is not much compared to what you get, a high replay value game which is in fact one of my favorite games of all times.

    Are there any way to get Minecraft premium for free ?

    As a matter of fact there is , but you should know that not many of the programs and software are working. After failing few times i found some interesting ones on and their guides gave me a really good insight how these programs work. There are two types of programs , gift code generator and minecraft premium account generator. Both are very similar but in some ways different.

    Minecraft Premium account generator
    Premium account generator for Minecraft

    This is a software that allows you to get pre-made accounts for Minecraft that are already upgraded to premium. All of them are available only to one members so when you get it and change the password no one will be able to use it. Its a great way to  get a quick account and play in just a few minutes.  You can download the minecraft premium code generator at official blog post and read more about there.

    The other one i wanted to mention is the minecraft gift code generator and the only difference is that with it you can get gift codes . These can be later redeemed for premium account , and you can use it on your free account.

  • Free PSN Codes? Are Giveaways Really The Best Way to Get Them ?

    If you own Playstation 3 then i can bet that you thought how it would be good to have many Free PSN Codes  to buy new games, expansions and other stuff that you might need while playing your favorite console. So i assume that you went out and searched for something that can allow you just that , to have unlimited number of free playstation network codes. This is unfortunately not possible because most of the hacks do not work and even if you get a code by some miracle it will most likely be removed along with your games that you purchased. This is why we consider that giveaways are the best way to get psn cards and codes.


    Most important thing to consider here is that free psn codes that you get in giveaways are donated by sponsors so that they can run ads on websites that host these giveaways. This however does not concern you as a user since by participating you will get a working psn codes that you can redeem whenever you want on Playstation store. Here we will show you an example of a great website that hosts free psn card codes giveaways.

    How to get PSN Codes?

    We recommend that you check out as one of the oldest and most popular hosts for this type of gift card giveaways. The thing that i like personally is that you can gain codes in two ways. One being daily giveaway via psn code generator and the other is monthly draw where most active members get even more codes at the end of each month.

    What is PSN Code Generator ?

    PSN Card Code Generator - Version 1
    This is the first of the popular generators for PSN

    This is popular tool name , but here it indicates something that is not a cheat but rather a statistics tool. It aims for finding out which member has most activity points and rewards those that have more with 2,3 and more free psn codes every day. All you need to do actually is to download the DB for that day and submit yourself for daily giveaway. The best thing is that by downloading it and joining daily you increase your chance to win in monthly draw as well. You can check out the latest post from about psn code generator and if you want to download the version 2 click here for official post. That is the latest version and it has some nice changes like separate servers for each code , which allows you to get free psn code from each type every day.

    There are many more things that we would like to share with you about this but it would be a long read. That is why we will make more guides for Playstation and even Xbox Live , since they also host similar giveaways for Microsoft points and other console gift cards.

  • MyCheats.Net News Announces New Game Hacks And Cheats Updates As Of Aug 2nd 2014

    For immediate distribution across all relevant networks.
    Oldschool IRC version available at #mycheats, #psnhacks, #psncodes, #cochacks, #hackzrus, type ! in IRC channel to get the latest updates or contact admin to get full list of relevant new game hacks or request your own game hack (yeah, we do custom jobs as well)!

    The fun of games on PS4 is becoming famous with games that are free to play where you need to buy thousands of diamonds and other resources to win against other players and get high up on the leader board. We have a big collection of new cheat version releases that are designed to seamlessly work on official game worlds, create in-game resources when you need and get you on the very top of the high ranks.

    New Clash of Clans Hack That Works

    The just released Best Clash of Clans Hack Download Page offers you the needed resources including wood, gold and elixir. The fresh version of the hack tool was extensively tested to be safe it works on Supercell CDN servers, has required security updates and is capable of undetected adding to your in-game account infinite resources, whenever you need them. It has easy plug and play system for Facebook, iOS and Android pads. You can use it to build bigger fighters, offensive cities and have fun participating in CoC Player vs Player wars without the fear loss.

    Hay Day Hack Tool

    The sun is shining and the cattle are getting more fit lol. We provide the best safe Hay Day hack on this fine occasion which will make you to farm with joy and expand more to the maximum . The goal of this game is to work your own farm which requires in-game purchases. Our hack can offer you to quickly add all the in game resources you need and more. It is extensively tested to be safe to use. We offer necessary fixes for the hack tool which now gets a new stable version for players to make use of.

    Best Dragon City Hack

    Dragon City is a super fun game set in the phantasy lands where players hatch dragons and maintain their own fantasy Jurassic Park. It’s a real fun filled adventure but to play with others in PvP battles, you need endless resources including gold, gems and food. We have developed a new online Dragon City hack which finally puts your enemies to rest. Feed your dragons with unlimited food, purchase new eggs with gold and progress as your heart desires. The latest version of our hack tool is working for both iOS and Android devices.

    2014 Boom Beach Resources Hack

    Are you trying so hard to take down an enemy base and control their island? We finally have tool you must download. Our team of developers worked 24h for last few weeks to come up with a working real Boom Beach hack that makes you the resources, gold and anything else that you must have to power up your armies. The latest hack tool release version is stable, creates resources with just one click and you can always come back to our site to get latest versions.

    New League Of Angels Hack

    We gladly announce that we’ve alas released for free download the our official, stable build of the working League of Angels hack tool. The program allow you to boost your hero’s level and get elite angels with ease cause you have unlimited gold and gems at your fingertips to make use of. The our cool hack tool version is absolutely safe to use and is available to download for free. We will be making daily patches and fixes to make sure you have winning in the League of Angels game without waiting. Have fun with the game using our cheat and hack tool on all Android, iOS, WEB and
    Facebook as it has been made to work on all mentioned platforms.

    About MyCheats.Net:
    We are team of dedicated and experienced game and app hackers with ability to break down and hack any game you throw at us.

    Our full working updated undetectable and free hack download list as of August 2nd, 2014 can be found here:

    League Of Angels:
    Boom Beach Hack:
    Dungeon Keeper Hack:
    Clash Of Clans Hack:
    Dragon City Hack:
    Hay Day Hack:
    Pree PSN Codes:
    PSN Code Generator:
    Free Riot Points Hack (League Of Legends):

    If you would like us to hack your favorite game, please leave us a note at and we will come back to you!

    Enjoy your free game and program hacks For latest updates always check out our site at! …And thank you guys and gals for all the support and feedback! :-)

  • 1893805-iphone-5s.jpgThe iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

    Since the iPhone 5S landed in the hands of new owners a few weeks ago, there have been reports that on-board sensors like the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer haven’t been working properly on some devices. We’ve confirmed the new iPhone’s failings on our own. It’s not just off. It’s embarrassing. Continue reading

  • Top 11 hidden, cool features in Apple’s iOS 7 [Photos]

    Apple’s iOS 7 is a big change.

    It comes with a bright new look and a whole lot of major new features, but there are also several hidden features you might not have yet noticed or heard of. Here are our favorites.

    Focus photos using volume button

    In iOS 7, you can now take square-size pictures and add filters to your pictures, but did you know that you can now also press on the iPhone’s volume down button to quickly focus the camera and take a picture? You can also hold down the volume buttons to quickly shoot a burst of photos. Continue reading

  • 1858113-iphone-5s-or-iphone-5c.jpgHow to upgrade to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

    Ready to upgrade your phone to either the iPhone 5c or 5s? Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

    The bad news? Depending on your carrier, it might be more difficult than ever this year to upgrade your relatively recent iPhone for a brand-spanking-new model. The good news? Depending on how you upgrade this year, transitioning to next year’s new iPhone might be a breeze. It just depends on what you’re willing to pay. Continue reading

  • 1833140-xbox-music.jpgXbox Music Gets a Huge Design Overhaul Plus New iOS and Android Apps

    When it launched last year, Xbox Music was trapped in a Microsoft-only ghetto. Starting today, Xbox Music will expand its reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users with Android and iOS apps. And that’s just a piece of the update it’s getting leading up to the new app for Xbox One. Here’s what to expect from the service on your computer, your phone, and the new console. Continue reading

  • Apple iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c: which is for you?

    Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c which is for you

    We use the term loosely, but the iPhone is no longer a “one size fits all” smartphone. Today’s Apple event marked the introduction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and beyond price, the two devices are separated by several unique features. Considering your own desires for gaming, photography, security, style — and yes, your budget — it’s likely that one phone is a better fit for your needs. So join us after the break as we explore the finer points of Apple’s latest smartphones. Continue reading

  • 1821676-xbox-one-smartglass.jpgXbox One SmartGlass helps you with your gaming

    While we knew SmartGlass could be used to handle matchmaking on Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t said much else about the next iteration of the second-screen experience. In an interview on Xbox Wire, Microsoft general manager Ron Pessner promises a more responsive app that connects to Xbox One within four seconds – over three times faster than the Xbox 360 app.

    Up to 16 SmartGlass devices can connect to a single Xbox One console, though it’s unknown how that functionality will serve anyone or what it will be explicitly used for. The improved app also presents the opportunity for smart devices to be used as game controllers, though again there’s currently no direct example of that being employed right now. And SmartGlass will naturally act as an extension of Xbox Live when away from the console, allowing users to communicate with friends, check Achievements, watch Game DVR videos and access the Xbox Games Store.

    Putting a bow on the SmartGlass package is Game Help, a new feature for developers who publish on Xbox One. When publishing a game, developers must submit a help manual that will aid players contextually either directly in-game or through SmartGlass. “In front of your console, you can say, ‘Xbox: Help!’ and then it will appear on the console,” Pessner toldEngadget in a separate interview. “Or in SmartGlass, you can click on the Help icon and then it will just tune into exactly what you’re doing and present the right help content for you.” This aid also applies to apps outside of games, in case you’re having trouble navigating the tricky waters of Internet Explorer. Continue reading

  • 1821191-samsung-galaxy-gear.jpgSamsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch hands-on (video)

    Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch handson video

    Wrist watches, smart or otherwise, are simply not for everyone — there are more smartphone users in the world, many times over, than there will ever be smartwatch owners. Despite the limited market for such a device, however, Samsung’s decided it’s time to join in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, as we’ve known it to be called for a few weeks now, was hardly guarded with a level of secrecy that’s become standard for a flagship smartphone, but as the device is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform? Find our take after the break. Continue reading

  • 1771474-amd-radeon-hd-7970.jpgMicrosoft shows off triple 4K resolution gaming setup with AMD Radeon HD 7970

    SOFTWARE REDEVELOPER Microsoft has shown off gaming with three 4K resolution displays using Windows 8 and three AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards.


    Microsoft, which picked AMD to supply chips for its upcoming Xbox One games console, seems to be interested in showing off rather impressive gaming configurations that are possible only in PC gaming. The firm hooked up three Sharp 4K resolution displays and played Dirt 3 using three AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards. Continue reading